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  • Share pictures and media files
  • Group chat supported
  • Cross-platform
  • Push notifications
  • Cool layout
  • Needs that your contacts also use it
  • app2SD isn't supported

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"It's cool chatting this way"

レビューしたユーザー: / Nov 28, 2014

Kik Messenger is a cross-platform messenger app phone number-based

There are coming up lots of this kind phone number-based messenger. We're pretty sure that you already know Whatsapp, Pingchat! or Kakaotalk. But there are alternatives to them. And here's the proof. Let's zoom in in!

Since this is a push chat based on the phone number, once you get it, it makes a list of those of your contacts that are already using Kik Messenger. From that moment, you will be able to text them or share with them pictures and other media files. You can chat with your contacts one-by-one or create group chats, what's perfect to set the meeting with all your friends at the same time. You can also add people if you know their nickname.

Regarding customization, you can set your own profile picture, notifications, layout appearance and many other features. By default the chat is shown like other similar apps: in colored bubble chat. What's more, the status of the message is showed as "D" Delivered or "R" Read. The app is free with no ads.

Kik Messenger has been developed by KiK Interactive. Despite this is the only app they've released, they're reaching remarkably success with it.

The only catch of this kind of apps is that they depend on how many of your contacts are using it. If anyone does, it will be useless. So, give it a go and if you like it, recommend it to your friends!

Tags: kik, kik messenger, kick messenger, kik messanger, messenger, kik messenger girls.

Kik を使って思い通りにチャットしましょう!

• 電話番号は必要ありません、ユーザ名だけ。

• 誰とトークするかを決めさせてくれるフィルター。

• 流行っているもの、面白画像、芸能人のニュース、動画、プレゼントなど...お好みのものを共有しましょう。

• #ハッシュタグだけで最大 50 人と一緒に公開グループチャットを開始しましょう。非公開グループを作成することもできます。

2 億人以上のユーザが Kik を愛用しています。学校のクラスメート、ソーシャルアプリやオンラインゲームで知り合った人たちなど、あなたのすべてのお友達とつながることができます。相手の Kik ユーザ名をたずねるだけです。



• Added tap to focus and other enhancements to the camera and video experience

• Record a video to share the moment with your friends!

• Fixes issues with login and registration for affected users

• Notifications got a makeover, including support for Android Wear!
• Improved network reliability

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  • - Know where you approximately are.
  • - Know exactly where you are. It uses GPS.
  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Be able to access the camera device.
  • - Have access to the list of accounts linked to your device.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG
  • - Read your contact data.
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - Read phone state. Used to know whether you're in a call or not.
  • - Know if the system has finished booting.
  • - Use the vibrator.
  • - Prevent your device from sleeping or screen from dimming (turn brightness down).
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.
  • - Sell digital goods through in-app purchase.
  • -

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Kik のコメント・評価
  • (0)

    by 91fabio91 日付: 03/05/2014

    Aggiungetemi F.Angel91 solo x ragazze :3

  • (0)

    by jorgerema 日付: 22/03/2014

    es genial buena aplicacion

  • (0)

    by Ted mosby 日付: 28/04/2013

    M 28, lehramtstudent, Raum owl auf der Suche nach neuen netten kontakten, bitte nur Damen melden :-) Nick Name: teddy1984, freue mich uber rege Anmeldungen ;-)

  • (0)

    by Dellerbring 日付: 25/03/2013

    Why cant my android phone dont find the download file?

  • (0)

    by Masteryi 日付: 17/02/2013

    18 m Cyprus
    kik id: Diojen prefer ladies :)

  • (0)

    by stephyx1 日付: 25/11/2012

    Top app! But I need more contacts plz :) Stephyx1
    Girls only!! Guys will be blocked, sorry :(

  • (0)

    by artunc5158 日付: 23/10/2012

    17/m/Turkey, add me: radeqnees